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Airdraft restrictions

DOWNLOAD: Meldepkt-radiocalling-airdraft-restrictions-Port-of-Alta.pdf

In english:

Radio calling-in points – Port of Alta - in the following positions: WGS84 DATUM.

Chart 96 - Vest-Finnmark, Altafjorden.

1) 70° 02.08' N, 23° 14.88' E

(2) 69° 59.84' N, 23° 19.61' E 

Vessels planning to enter caution area close to Alta airport must report to the control tower on VHF channel 12 when passing the radio calling-in points. Applies for vessels higher than 12m.

På norsk:

Radio meldepunkter - Alta Havn på følgende posisjoner i sjøkartet: WGS84 DATUM

Kart 96 - Vest-Finnmark, Altafjorden

Meldepunkter for trafikkontroll etablert:
Fartøy som skal entre aktsomhetsområde ved Alta Lufthavn skal kontakte tårnet på VHF kanal 12 ved passering av meldepunktene. Gjelder for fartøy med høyde over 12m.

1) 70° 02.08' N, 23° 14.88' E

(2) 69° 59.84' N, 23° 19.61' E 



Port of Alta

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General Port information, Pilot info, Dock info and Anchorage information.

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Item General Port information
Prevailing Weather Winds: NW - N, 5 – 10 m/s
Currents: 1-3 knop W –E in the fjord
Other: n/a
Locations of pilot boarding areas ·         Lodingen N 68,22,9 E 016,01,7
·         Fugloya N 70,06 E 020,13
·         Honningsvaag N 70,57,5 E 025,58
·         Harbour pilot also avail.
Approach channel width & depth No restrictions
Distance to dock/anchorage 0,2 nm
Estimated time from pilot station to dock/anchorage at max. speed allowed by port authority ·         Lodingen 19 hrs
·         Fugloya 5 hrs
·         Honningsvaag 8 hrs
Maximum LOA for Port 265 M
Maximum allowed draft in port The depth of harbour area is 45 m
Depth of channel and turning basin 45 m – abt 500m
Air draft restrictions Yes,  See map above - Alta Airport
Current and tidal range 2,46 m tidal difference
Depth alongside pier 8 m llw
Turning basin diameter 250 m
Air-draft restrictions Yes
Tides & Currents. AT THE QUAY 1 – 2 KNOP S – N,LY
Name/Draft/LOA of largest ship to call in port So far , “Century” LOA 248 M – date 2008-08-01
Item Dock information
Names & Max Lengths of docks 169 m Terminalkaia (ISPS) - NOALF 0002
TYPE and Spacing of Fenders Tires
Bollard Spacing About 15 m in front and
Shore Gangways No
Type and surface of dock Asphalt
Preferred side of ship alongside Starboard
Height of dock surface above MLW 2,4
Pier Obstructions Steel
Tugs available Can be ordered from Hammerfest with 48 hours notice.
Ship tenders allowed YES
Item Anchorage information
Secure Anchorage(s) Position (lat/Long) Inner port area, exact position tba only on arrival
Min depth of Anchorage 30 m
Type of Bottom Sand
Wind Current NW – N.
General Slope of Bottom Sand
Distance to tender landing dock 0,2 nm
Item Other
Custom Hammerfest Tollsted, ph: + 47 77 62 55 00, hammerfest.fartoy@toll.no
Airport Alta Airport appr. 700 m from the quay
Port facility security ISPS approved, guard 24 h when docked
Waste and water Waste-handling an fresh water delivering
Transportation Shuttle service, Excursion buses, Parking place for buses, Taxis, and Public transportation: YES

Public information

  • Tourist information: In city center, 4 km form pier. 
  • Bus: Modern sightseeing buses 
  • Taxi: Taxi and minibus available (+47 78435353) - App: "Taxifix" Alta Taxi
  • VISA accepted 
  • Guide Service: Every major language Shopping: in the city center 4 km from pier 
  • Emergency: Alta Helsesenter, 4 km from pier Tax refund: No - 
  • Distances - Airport: 700 meters 
  • City Centre: 4 km. 
  • Terminal building for passenger: No 
  • Tourist information: Yes 
  • Tourist/ city maps: Yes 
  • Shopping: Sami souvenir at the pier 
  • Restrooms: No 
  • Local currency: NOK 
  • Currency exchange: In city

Name & contacts - DMC of Alta

Name: Henriette Bismo Eilertsen at North Adventure AS 

Address: P.B 1114, N-9504 Alta Norway 

Phone: +47 78 44 50 50 Mobile: + 47 901 92776 E-mail: henriette@northadventure.no Internet: www.northadventure.no

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